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I’ve been using my Guitar Ragtop for a number of years now on my Martin HD28.  I have several different designs that I alternate depending on the performance.  I have a formal black and white music note design that I use for church services, one with musical instruments for festivals, as well as some seasonal ones….  They look great on stage, and really add visual interest for the audience.  And when I take them off, my guitar finish is still like brand new, in-spite of long hours of playing in the high humidity of the Midwest where you are sure to work up a sweat, often after applying mosquito repellant!  Sweat and mosquito ‘juice’ are sure to damage your instrument’s finish overtime….. but my Guitar Ragtop helps keep my guitar looking like new.   Find a Guitar Ragtop design that suites your style and start protecting your investment today!! 
Chris Tatarian
Rum River Blend 

Absolutely invaluable when I am playing my D-18 at festivals and parties in the hot, muggy summertime. I've usually got OFF! bug spray all over my arms, and my ragtop keeps the chemicals from ruining the finish. It's so much better than laying a rag down because the rag slips off and I have to keep adjusting it. Also, I can play standing up with the ragtop and that's not so easy with a rag. Also, I love the fact that it comes in so many patterns. And of course, the sound is not affected at all. Love it!!

The site looks great Cindy, good luck!!

Linda Kattuah
Millerton, NY 12546

Over the years I've had a number of guitars, and each has always gotten a fairly dark, almost chocolate brown slightly pitted stain in the finish on the top and side where my arm rests due to my sweat which has a very acidic base. I've had my Martin HD-35 for eight years now, and it still looks like new due to my Ragtops, of which I have several. With absolutely no affect at all to the sound of the instrument, the Ragtop serves a dual purpose. It protects a valuable investment, and at the same time adds style and personality. If requested, print designs to your liking will be sought, and most likely found and manufactured within a reasonable time. A Ragtop is an investment that will pay for itself in a short time. I find that guitar cleaning time is lessened dramatically, and all you have to do is throw the Ragtop in with the next load of wash. It doesn't get much simpler than that!

Jeff Marcus


If you have an acoustic guitar that you want to keep in good condition and you want to play it when the heat and humidity is up ~ the Ragtop is the answer! I have a couple of guitars that I think highly of. When it was hot and humid I would always wear a long sleeved shirt; good for the guitar, but not for me! When Cindy came up with the ragtop, the problem was solved. The guitar stays clean and protected and short sleeved shirts are back! You can also show other favorite interests. I have a ragtop with a baseball pattern, one with John Deere tractors, and some with a bluegrass theme. It's great protection in the summertime, but it gives you a little extra peace of mind year round. I LOVE MINE!

Pete Howe

I've been using my Ragtop for the last two or three years and love it!  It looks great on my Martin HD28VR and I don't have to worry about sweating on my "baby" at those summer gigs. You'll love yours too, I guarantee it! 
Bobby Maynard
I bought one of these at the Strawberry festival this fall. Saw it last year and out it off - don't know why as I LOVE it. Now my arm does not stick to my guitar. I play a lot of hot outdoor gigs and this solves the problem. Love the designs and the fabric. Passing the website along to my picker pals. Also, I tried the ragtop on my friends Rainsong - not a dreadnought shape, but it still worked.
Connie Kretschmer


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